Evo9X School Program

Here's a little about Evo9X. We are a full sublimation facility located in Edison, NJ. We manufacture full dye and semi sublimated uniforms for Esports teams around the world.

Our uniforms are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and maintain their look and feel. Our specialized deep-dye process allows for full customization without damaging the integrity of the fabric.
We pride ourselves in providing amazing customer service and products. Our sales rep or managers are always available to help with anything you need help with.
Being Made in the U.S.A, is very important to us. It allows for faster turnarounds, faster communication, reliable service and consistent quality.

What Does Our School Program Include:

-FREE Jersey, Jacket, Hoodie & Team Banner Design. (Includes a store front on Evo9XEsports.com)

-30% Member code (Staff/Players/Coaches/Sponsors)

-10% Public Use Code (Fans/Friends/Followers/Students)

-Tour Around Our Facility (If you & your program would like to visit)



Here at Evo9X we don't care about numbers, we want to work with schools all over the world to help your program look good, feel good and most importantly PLAY GOOD. If your school is looking to get some high quality apparel, contact us today. Let's get started! #EvolutionOfAChampion


Contact Info:

Email: Evo9xesports@Gmail.Com


Call: 667-225-0088